1/ About us

Salam Alaikoum from the UAE to the world !!

Calling Dubai Home for over a decade we wanted to bring value to the market by bringing happiness around us! Would you pay more when you can pay less? Who doesn’t like discounted items?

We are 2 women passionate about digging the latest deals in the UAE for you! Saving you Dirhams! Our dream is to be the online majlis featuring local and international designers

No need to rush Dubai Mall, or drive until Jebel Ali Outlet or being stuck on Al Ain road when you can get everything at your fingertips!  

Stay tuned as we expand the deals selection to Hospitality & Leisure

Yallah join us for exclusive private sales in town! With daily flash sales it’s everyday White Friday @ Lemajlis.com!

Happy Shopping


PS:  if you are a brand/designer and you want to partner for any deals we would like to hear from you!

2/ The company

Lemajlis.com, your online outlet for genuine brands and designers clearance with daily flash sales; delivering worldwide. Lemajlis is operated and updated by the company Al Thamarat E-Trading.

Registered in Sharjah Economic Department , United Arab Emirates with trading license number 760687. The headquarters’ office is located in Sharjah, Muweileh.

You can contact us anytime on info@althamaratgroup.com.

2/ The Terms

Lemajlis.com sells products and services online through private sales.

The following terms or any other information posted on the website defines the conditions of sales. By placing an order, you are deemed to have consented to the latest version of the Website Terms. The Company reserves the right to modify their terms and conditions  at any moment without notice. Each new version will be applicable after publication on the Website, for all orders placed after this time. If you do not agree to respect the Website Terms, you should not use the Website to avoid any conflict.

Lemajlis.com services' means all services posted on the website ( event sales etc… )

‘Member or Customer‘ a legal person of at least 18 years of age who register on its own initiative or by being sponsored from an another member who can make payment using the options stipulated in the payment section and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website.

The website is for a personal or gift use only. Any suspected commercial usage would be rejected and the transactions would be declined. It is therefore understood that an order placed by a Customer on behalf of a third party is subject to the legal relationship as defined by the term between the member and the Company, without any action against the latter.

‘Order’ purchase or reservation of a product or a service by a member on the website lemajlis.com under the conditions laid down on the terms and conditions , with added  special conditions when necessary.

Product Fact Sheet/ descriptive sheet: space related to the description of the items with technical and practical information for each Product. Informations are provided by the supplier from whom the company purchases its Products.